Moving can be stressful, especially in the heat of the summer.

Here are some tips inspired by professional movers (from

Come up with a strategy: Before the big move, arrange and categorize as much as you can. Everything you do leading up to the move will make the day go smoother.

Determine a timeline: Don’t wait until the last minute to hire help. Moving companies can be very busy, especially at the end of the month. As soon as you know when your new home will be ready, schedule the movers and a truck.

Don’t move everything: Use moving as an opportunity to reduce the amount of stuff you have. Take inventory of everything and only move what you really want or need. Instead of moving stuff that won’t make you happy but will take up space, consider selling or donating furniture or old knick-knacks.

Photograph wire configurations: To avoid frustration, take pictures of the back of your TV and other electronics to reference when it’s time to hook them up in your new home.

Pack room-by-room: Color code boxes by individual rooms. This will make moving day smoother as you can just bring the boxes directly to the right place. It also speeds up unpacking so you can settle in faster.

Pack smart: “Moving companies won’t move boxes that feel top-heavy, unbalanced, or loosely-packed, so pack appropriately. Put heavier objects in small boxes and lighter objects in large boxes. Make sure to pack heavier objects at the bottom to avoid a top-heavy box that’s awkward to carry. Also avoid leaving space in a box to prevent breaking or damaging items inside. Stuff soft materials like T-shirts, towels, newspapers, or pillows in boxes with empty space. If the box rattles, a pro mover will ask you to repack it before they load it.”